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Сочинение на английском про школьную форму

The School Uniform and World’s Changes.

A school uniform is obligatory casual clothing for students. A uniform should be worn at school and sometimes out of school – during official school activities. Modern psychologists argue that even though school clothes increase discipline and progress, they deprive the little person of the identity, and the personality can’t be fully developed.

The trends of school wearing have the roots in the remote past. In the Russian Empire in 1834 the law approved the gymnasia’s uniform for boys. In 1896 the uniforms for girls were also approved. Some later all the types of school clothing were cancelled. And only in 1949 the obligatory school clothing had come back again in the USSR. During those years the Soviet school uniform had a quite simple style and served for creation of the spirit of equality of the Soviet children. That uniform had never pursued the fashion. The school clothing for boys represented military soldier's blouses with straight collars, and girls wore brown dresses and black or white aprons. Obligatory school clothing in Russia was cancelled in1992.

Today the uniform enters school life again.

The modern fashionable school uniform becomes a subject of pride for both pupils and their parents. It emphasizes the single style of the school and looks effectively. In recent years the world has been captured with a new wave of interest in a school uniform. The Japanese school wearing is incredibly popular among children of the different countries generally thanks to anime. It is often used in a costume playing unlike the other countries styles. In the different parts of the world the relation to a school uniform is also different. For example, in Germany today there is no common uniform for students, though there are regular debates about it. In Mexico boys both genders wear identical T-shirts and trousers of bright green colour. In Shanghai the school style includes even common school-bags which must be yellow for contrasting with black clothes.

In Russian schools today the school uniform is chosen according to the solution of the school administration and the parents’ committee.

Psychologists advise:
• to choose quiet colours and not to use direct colours of the rainbow, because they increase fatigue and provoke irritation;
• to avoid the combination of black and white, because it tires the eyes and can even cause a headache;
• to choose quiet green and beige colours.

Most of teachers and parents approve the idea of a school uniform because they want to see their children accurate, educated and disciplined.


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